Visual Performance: EyeGym


calderWhen the word gym is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind includes strength, energy and performance. Introducing EyeGym, a high-tech software visual training programme which has been developed by sports scientist Dr Sherylle Calder.

According to EyeGym, “every person has muscles in each eye that can be trained and improved. The process skills can also be improved, and the response skills of eye-hand, foot and body co-ordination can be enhanced.”

Unlike traditional gym where the training targets the specific area of which is being trained, EyeGym is operated on technology that enhances your performance with just the use of visual performance. Although this visual workout was done with the focus of sporting performance, the benefits of the workout can be beneficial to even those who are not in sports as it provides significant benefits such as, ‘better concentration, quicker response, better timing as well as improved academic results’ amongst other things.

According to Calder, “if you play a sport, and you use your eyes, EyeGym can improve your performance. If you haven’t trained specifically, you’re underperforming.”

egegym“We train the eyes to maintain their strength over the duration of the task”, Calder explains. “If your eyes are going to be slow, the body will be slow. The eyes lead the body and the body cannot go where the eyes do not tell it to go.”

It is famously said that practice makes perfect, that is what Dr Calder argues that the more you learn a skill, the better you become at it.

“The process is not a natural ability that some people have, but rather a trained skill that many people don’t even know they have been training.”

The EyeGym has been well received in the sporting fraternity across the world; various sporting codes have had their players engaging on the training workout that Dr Calder offers. One of the best successes of the EyeGym has to be the overseeing of two Rugby world cup winning national teams (South Africa and England) after having went through the workouts that EyeGym provided.

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