Nigeria’s First Robot School: Project 10 000 Kids


robo2I can think of a lot of daily tasks I was expected to do while in primary school, those I enjoyed and those that were not so enjoyable- but never in my wildest imagination would I have pictured myself building a robot, never mind having that to do that on a daily basis!

For these Nigerian schoolchildren however, building robots is just a “normal” daily routine- thanks to ACI Computer Education, a University organisation providing technology education to the youth through its Project 10 000 kids initiative.

I’m a firm believer that to build a nation, you first need to build the young generation.  What better way to invest in a country than to provide its youngest generation with the core skills that are key to its development? That is the exact goal of ACI, to see young Nigerians become computer programmes and tech enthusiasts in the years to come.

Robot1“Our intention is to champion the beginning of a great paradigm in the Nigerian education industry.  We want to expose our young students to real-world engineering challenges through hands-on LEGO-based robotics projects.  We want Nigerian kids to begin to think creatively and innovative like their international counterparts,” explains ACI founder, Olaoluwa Balogun.

The project aims to transform the education system in Nigeria by empowering children to build useful technology, getting the children to do actual engineering work instead of simply writing tests to get through school.   Project 10 000 Kids is currently working with 50 students in 200 schools across the country.  The ACI team also plans on training 50 other children from teen resource centres and 100 children living in orphanage homes in Lagos.

We take our hats off for the founder of this initiative who is committed to building innovators across schools in Nigeria.