South African Start Up Creates High-Peak Electricity Relief battery Solution


0000500576_resized_elektronbattery1022A South African energy start-up has created a power storing high-peak energy relief battery. The company has developed a containerized battery which helps companies to reduce their electricity consumption during high-tariff peak demand periods.

The ‘peak shaving’ solution has been developed by a company called Mega Amps in Cape Town. This battery system has been made using homemade lead-acid battery technology, and the company wants to install them for free to enterprises that seek to reduce their electricity consumption during high-peak tariff periods.

“We can install the containerised solution at zero cost to the client, while creating an annuity income for ourselves, but sharing in the peak savings generated” that is according to Mega Amps director, Neill Human.

The company has just taken their move to get in the huge stage in energy solutions, but they have taken 7 years while developing this product. ‘The outcome is a battery that incorporates aluminium in the electrode, lowering the material density and improving thermal conductivity’.

Besides the retail environment, Mega Amps believes there is potential to deploy the solution across a range of light industries in South Africa and abroad.

“In a number of instances, 40% to 50% of businesses electricity costs arise not from the units consumed, but from the demand, or penalty charge for consuming electricity over peak-demand periods “Human explains

Meanwhile Mega Amps’ operating subsidiary Elektron will be responsible for getting the solution on the market.

source: Engineering news