Call us Lazy, we don’t mind


I come from that generation that is hated by literally everyone, the millennials. They hate us because they say we are lazy. Highly opinionated leaders and musicians have even taken it to the extremes of calling us a useless generation. Well, this is a generation I’m proud to be a part of, and if being called lazy is what I’m about to define it as, then, I too am proud to be called ‘Lazy’. I mean think about it, we are that generation that dreams of a more efficient and less effort world, we like things you can access at a touch of a button.

Imagine being able to close your curtains, switch your lights on, control what your children are watching, activate the alarm and open your gate and garage door from one device? Well, you don’t have to imagine because the lazy generation has made it all possible. Here are some 5 epic inventions brought to you by the lazy generation.

1. Facebook: by Mark Zuckerberg born 1984
One could safely say he may have been lazy to go to the clubs and parties like normal people and actually hold a conversation with mortals so he can make friends, but no, this guy chose to create a software which would allow him to have hundreds of friends without having to bath or change your pyjamas, and this idea has put $37,5 Billion in his pocket. Facebook has been one of the leading brands to promote social cohesion, world peace, cancer awareness and movements against gender violence to the forefront of conversations amongst their billions of users.

2. Self-driving car: by The Google Team
Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you got into a car and your only job was to tell it where you are going? Well, the guys at Google have launched a number of self-driving vehicles inside their headquarters. Hold your horses for a second; this car was actually designed because human beings are generally not good drivers. These vehicles are accident free, they are never late, and you can text while it drives you. Its lazy ideas like these that actually save lives.

3. Phobia turned to business: by Elizabeth Holmes
So here is Elizabeth’s story, she was afraid of needles all her life, so she used her tuition money to design what all hospitals use globally to prick you and sample your blood for test. Not so much laziness, but rather innovation to control phobias which has made her an instant billionaire.

4. Dry Bath: Ludwick Marishane
Now here is a classic example of a lazy person, Ludwick, a young man from South Africa found a solution we all appreciate, he was simply too lazy to take a bath and so he formulated a gel which is scientifically proven to remove 98% of germs. The beauty about all this is that in Africa; we have water shortages, militants also don’t really have access to baths and showers so this product has helped them too.

The moral of the story is that we in fact are not lazy; we just prefer doing things the innovative way, therefore saving money, time and creating jobs. Our innovations save lives, create better societies, so we are proud of being called lazy because this lazy generation is making positive impacts globally.