Winsenga: Smartphone Pregnancy Help Kit


WINSENGAWinSenga is a smartphone-based ultrasound alternative. It allows medical personnel/midwives to accurately monitor the health of an unborn child during pregnancy and crucially during labour. In spanning the affordability gap; WinSenga’s is diagnosis alternative that is accurate, affordable and easy to use.

Founder of WinSenga, Joshua Okello calls Winsenga ‘an enhancement’to the Pinard horn. ‘The new device still consists of a plastic trumpet, but with a highly sensitive microphone inside. The souped-up device, which is placed on a woman’s abdomen just like a regular horn, connects to a Windows-based phone running an app.

“We set out to push the limits of technology to deliver a high quality, lower-cost, intelligent and affordable solution that could be used by even “fresh”/new (less experienced) midwives. We could further integrate community-based referrals as a way of pro-actively reducing the gap and delay between diagnosis and intervention,” Winsenga mentioned on their website.

40F72B9B-67FE-4AA5-9A02-EBE4A4DBE0AD_w640_r1_sThe system picks up the foetal heart rate, transmits it to the phone, and then the phone runs an analysis. The app, developed in conjunction with medics for the UN agency Unicef then recommends a course of action, if any, for the mother and her unborn child.

“When I first heard the idea, I thought it was brilliant,” says Davis Musinguzi, a medic and Unicef advisor. “But being software developers, they needed guidance on the medical component of the application.” The doctor says he advised on the medical parameters, procedures and standards that needed to be part of the software.

According to WinSenga, “In 2013, an estimated 3 million newborn deaths and over 2 million stillbirths were registered worldwide along with 200,000 maternal deaths. Over 60% of these deaths occurred in developing countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Having better equipped medical personnel in low-resource settings is a pivotal step in turning the tide.”

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