13 Year Old Inventor Turns Old Plastics Into Electronic Toys


_87575929_guled8A 13-year-old Somali boy whose passion and artistic ability of recycling plastic turning them to toys in Somalia has risen to prominence in his native Somali and also received free education. Guled Adan Abdi, A 13-year-old Somalian boy who taught himself how to create plastic toys from bits from used plastic objects, and then turns them to motorised electronic toys.

Guled Adan Abdi’s artistic touch started at an early age in his home in the northern town of Buhodle in his native Somali. At the age of 13 years, it is usually not expected for a boy his age to be creating such toys but normally he should be playing with them. But this is not the case for Guled who says that his eye for being an inventor started at an early age.

“I started making toys when I was younger”, that is according to Guled who says that he “used to play with them without any motor. But later I said to myself: ‘Why don’t you make them into a moving machine?’ his creations have been made with him having to study real cars and how they operate.

_87575927_guled4According to Guled, “I have never seen anyone make such things and I was not trained by anyone. I investigated and found out for example how a car’s tyres turn,” and for inspiration Guled said he had to take the designs of his toys from the cars in his home town. “So I looked at the cars in the town and invented my toys with the same design.” Guled explained.

Unlike the the typical electronic toys, Guled’s electronic toys operate by connecting them to a battery-powered control box, which is marked with a plus and minus sign. “If it is switched to minus, the car will move backwards, if you move the switch to the plus it will go forwards,” he said. His toy collection includes a plane and a truck.

_87569847_guled5His prominence is making rounds not just in his Buhodle town ‘after his teacher told the local authorities about her pupil, and earlier this month he was asked to travel 270km (170 miles) to Garowe, the main town of Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland region.’

According to BBC “Guled showed his inventions to Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali at the state house. President Ali promised that the Puntland government would now fund his education.”