Mobile app giving rape victims a voice in Africa


rape2As much as everything around us keeps changing and as much as most things keep improving in the continent, the ruin of rape continues to spread- with thousands of cases being left unreported every year.  The harsh reality is that rape has become normalized in our societies, yet justice for many victims has not yet prevailed.

This new Android app, by Equality Effect, promises to give victims a voice by providing them with a platform to report cases.  Not only is this innovative app designed to help victims and their families to report and follow up on investigations but it goes as far as explaining the 12 steps the police authorities must take during an investigation- giving victims a clear understanding of the court process beforehand.

rape3According to the Equality Effect Org, in Kenya, a woman or girl is raped every 30 minutes. Girls are raped by family members and men in their own communities. Many of the girls are orphans whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. They are vulnerable to abuse from extended family members and from strangers. This app is one of the many ways that organizations are tackling the under-reporting of rape cases in the country.

“If you don’t get justice for your friend or your sister, then this is the app that you use.  If you are reporting defilement and there’s any kind of challenge with the police, then you can immediately contact the Equality Effect,” explains Fiona Sampson, executive director of the Equality Effect, a legal rights network working to combat child rape, or defilement, in Kenya.

Students, teachers, government officials and religious leaders throughout the country are currently being trained on how to use the app.  The application is being tested in Nairobi, Mombasa, Meru, and Kakamega.

Tackling this disturbing statistic of girls being raped every 30 minutes is not only the responsibility of the police but I firmly believe that it will take a whole community to turn the situation around.  You too can help rape victims get the justice they deserve- use the app to help a rape victim have their voice heard.