Rethink Education: Learning Through Smartphones


E8TtMIF1‘Rethink Education’ is an innovative E-learning educational platform that is changing the way high-school students learn. What best way can students learn than through using their favourite tool, mobile phones?! A platform which Co-founder and Social entrepreneur Doug Hoernle developed with intentions of creating what he calls an “online platforms that deliver education faster and more efficiently than ever”.

E-learning is yet to kick off as a fully dependable educational structure in South Africa as it is still on its implementation phase, but with the rate that the implementing of the system is averaging, it is a system that can produce a less costly and much faster and precise educational structure.

According to Hoernle, “an average high school learner does not engage with technology like one would expect. They are not interested in learning by means of traditional software such as Excel or Word. They don’t just want an electronic textbook. In their preferred use of technology, they interact, they use ‘chat’-styled community platforms such as Mxit, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook and Twitter. The Rethink Education platform feeds into this style preference by delivering educational content broken down into ‘bite-size bits’ and presented through a chat interface.”

In an interview with the CapeTalk, Hoernle told host Kieno Kammies that nearly 500 000 students have engaged with learning material on their platform as a means to study.

Rethink Education’s online platform has been created to aid learning in South African high schools and can be used to complement the teaching of the core maths and science concepts, both in and out of the classroom. The platform gives learners’ access to High School Mathematics and Science content in a chat styled interface.

“We’ve broken the maths and science curriculum to bite-size chunks that translate into chat-type content.” Doug Hoernle further explained.

In a similar fashion, the Gauteng department of education piloted the digital classroom initiative in 2015 which is almost like Hoernle’s ‘Rethink Education’ of countering technology by stretching its flexibility. The department hopes to roll the project out to all Gauteng township and rural schools by the end of the 2017/2018 financial year at an estimated cost of R17 billion

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sources: CapeTalk