The device that charges your phone… with Water!


jaq-phone-charger-beachJust when you think you’ve seen it all, now technology is allowing us to charge with water which sounds a bit strange considering that all this time, we’ve been trying to get our smartphones as far from water as possible.

The device, called JAQ, is a fuel cell charger that uses saltwater and oxygen to convert chemical energy into electricity and then uses that electricity to charge your phone’s battery.

jaq-connected-phoneJAQ was recently unveiled by Swedish startup MyFC as one of its latest technologies. Designed to make charging life convenient for you, the device is small enough to fit into your pocket. It uses salt and water as an “external supply of fuel” and oxygen as an oxidant. The chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen results in green electricity.

All you need to do is simply insert a power-card that contains salt and water into the JAQ charger.  This is followed by you inserting a USB cable to connect the phone to the charger and it’s as simple as that! Just one JAQ power card produces about 1,800 milliampere-hours’ (mAH) worth of electricity.

JAQ chargers will be available for shipping later this year and it is estimated that the power cards will cost around $1.50 each.

What a smart way to charge! We look forward to seeing the product in the market later this year.