Nigerian doctor invents world’s first portable ventilator, D-box


D-box-300x226Respiratory failure has recently been named one of the most diagnosed medical conditions in Africa, causing a high mortality rate.  However, in quite a number of hospitals, this has been linked to the shortage of ventilators.  This is due to reasons of cost and availability, resulting in nurses using CPR bags to ventilate the patients- which is not nearly as effective.

Nigerian doctor, Dayo Olakulehin, decided to take matters into his own hands by inventing an affordable, portable and rechargeable battery-powered ventilator, named D-Box.  The easy-to-use ventilator is designed to power CPR bags and to deliver controlled breaths to patients with respiratory problems.  Did we mention that this is a world-first?

It was the doctor’s personal experience with respiratory failure patients that led him to come up with the idea of inventing the D-Box, a device that is expected to save thousands of lives and to improve the quality of health care to patients.  The lifesaving device can work on battery power for up to 12 hours.

“When I did the product development, I got another patent. When we made the prototype, we also had to file another patent. We have the best of intellectual property lawyers and we realized that intellectual property theft is a major issue, especially for a product that has a tendency to go global. We are taking the product proactively and taking it into the global market,” explains the medic.

The D-Box costs only US $300, which is 100 times less than traditional ventilators costing around $30 000.

Like Dr Olakulehin, sometimes innovation will require you to get out of your comfort zone.  Although he had a medical degree, he had no formal training in biomedical engineering but he succeeded in his plan to invent a device to save lives. You saw it first in Africa!