Uganda Creates Africa’s First Solar Powered Bus


commodities002+pixKiira Motors Corporation, a Ugandan state owned company is set to be Africa’s first company to develop a bus which operates on solar energy. The passenger bus which is still a prototype is hoping to be Africa’s first bus which operates on solar power.

The bus which is named “Kayoola” is a 37-seater bus which operates on solar energy or by being plugged to electric power. The bus has been mounted with solar panels which are the other source of energy generation. The bus can drive around for 80 KM without having to get power.

Whilst the bus is still at a prototype stage, there has been very much attention to safety details. It is said that the bus engineers have commended the bus for its smooth riding and less emissions of gases.

According to Albert Akovuku, Vice President of production at KMC, “this bus has zero-tail pipe exhaust, it is eco-friendly, there is no emissions of noise and gases.”

2“The experts believe the solar powered bus is another step that shows the country is ready for automotive engineering and technology innovation. Uganda has already seen two concept vehicles being produced, Kiira EV (two seater) and Kiira smack (sedan)

The engineering team at KMC has not yet put a figure to the cost of production for the bus should they decide to commercialize the bus. Although it is said that the cost of the bus will be much more expensive than normal fuel powered buses, the company is set to also setting up a manufacturing plant in the eastern part of the country.

The bus is set to be unveiled on the 16th of February, it is argued that the bus offers a smoother and cleaner ride, unlike the diesel powered engines.