Phambili App: Counting taxi fare just got simpler


phambAnyone who’s experienced minibus taxi life in Johannesburg, often referred to as the “real Jozi experience” by tourists, will know the dreadful experience of sitting in front. The responsibility of having to count taxi fare of about 15 people is just daunting.

The rule is that those sitting in front calculate the driver’s total and they are responsible for giving the right amount of change to commuters- the pressure! Well, now there’s an app for that. I introduce to you Phambili, a web-based app that acts as a simple taxi fare calculator for commuters- created by Thokozani Memela.

Phambili-app1This unofficial public transport system, is an industry that most of us love to hate. Let’s admit it, being carless in Jo’burg is a nightmare and being dependent on aggressive taxi drivers to get you to the next point is not an easy fact to fathom but let’s face it, they really make the lives of commuters easier. This is why we embrace services that aim to enhance the taxi experience; innovation is basically the only way to improve this system.

“I recently missed out on an opportunity because someone in the front of the taxi struggled doing a job most people hate, counting change. I know it’s my fault that I was late but my mind will forever blame that sweet lady. I decided to create a web app that will help people young and old do a job which is hated nationwide, Ukuhlala Phambili (sitting in front)” shared Memela on social media.

Phambili will indicate to you the amount that is due to the taxi driver and how much you owe each of the commuters needing change. Memela still plans on improving the service in the future.

Sometimes, it takes a bad experience to start an innovation. Memela used his experience to improve the lives of thousands of commuters. Be like Memela.