#WeInnovate Limpopo: Lives impacted, goal achieved

Terry Mudau from Phalaphala FM

Last week, the team from Nunnovation Africa Foundation (NAF) invaded one of South Africa’s provinces- with this goal in mind- to educate, inform and inspire Limpopo youth, hosted by Jeppe College, through our #WeInnovate initiative and needless to say,  the ultimate result was nothing short of success.

#WeInnovate is an initiative that aims to empower and encourageIMG_7700 South African youth to innovate their way to success.  There’s an old saying that when you stand and share your story in an empowering manner, not only will it heal you but it will heal somebody else going through the same struggles you once went through. At each event, NAF brings together relevant speakers to give knowledge, to advise and inspire students by sharing their stories of success.

What better way to inspire creativity than to provide the youth with a platform that includes successful entrepreneurs? Students had the honour of listening to prospering entrepreneurs and leaders in the province such as Kenzy from Capricorn FM, a successful radio personality and CEO, who spoke about the value of personal branding and positioning.

Onicca Moloi

Also imparting wisdom to youngsters at the event was entrepreneur and game-changer, OniccaMoloi from the TalithaKoum Girls Network who explained the importance of improving your brand as an entrepreneur.  “The best innovators are those able to turn problems into business ideas,” said Moloi, encouraging the youth to think out the box in order to come up with inventions that will positively impact communities.

What’s an innovative event without a little bit of geek? MixoNgoveni, founder of Geekulcha, gave us the latest innovation and technology trends- proving to the students that Africans, even those who come from destitute areas, are more than capable of innovating.

Other speakers include SEDA representative Mr KgopoMothapo, NYDA representative as well as MCs for the day, Terry Mudau and Shandu from Phalaphala FM.

This would not have been possible without the following partners who showed their commitment to empowering rural youth namely Jeppe College, SABS, TIA, TalithaKoum and Geekulcha.