South African Franchise Chesa Nyama to hit USA streets


chesa2Americans are about to get a taste of real Mzansi flavour, as South African fast food  franchise Chesa Nyama heads to Tenesse, United States in October this year. They call it barbeque, we call it braai- either way, America is about to find out why South African grill remains number one in the world.

The leading franchise was founded by Stelio Nathanael and Praxia Nathanael (MD and CEO of Gold Brands) back in 2012 and has since been excelling in the country, now with over 300 stores in South Africa only.  Chesa Nyama offers quality flame-grilled meat served with pap, chips or rolls.

“The reason for its success are the consumers behind it that love the brand so much and love the vibe of the brand. They love the tradition of Chesa Nyama and bringing it from the township to the suburbs is the reason for its success,” explains Nathanael.

Chesa-Nyama-BucketAccording to the brand owners, the Area Development Agreement (ADA) was concluded with private investors namely Red Hornbill (Pty) Ltd and The White Family Partnership beginning of this week.

“We didn’t want to give the brand into someone else’s hand and forget about it because we wanted to keep a stake in the Chesa Nyama brand  in the US so we can get a lot of income for our shareholders and investors back in South Africa; as well as keep control on the tradition that we have,” said Stelio Nathanael, MD of Gold Brands.

Nathanael also shared that according to their research, there are over 100 000 South African families currently based in Tennesse- their aim is also to bring back the tradition of South Africa to South African families that are situated there.

Flame grilled the traditional way, here’s to lekker braai times in the US- Mzansi style!