Cape Town’s Hamba Safe App to fight against crime in the city


hambaWe live in a society where crime is the unfortunate reality that we all have to deal with.  We have two options, we can either choose to sit and complain about the situation or we can tap into the world of technology and actually innovate ways to fight against crime.

With that same notion in mind, a group of developers in Cape Town, South Africa, have joined forces to use technology as an instrument in their attempt to create a safer society. The tech savvy developers have planned a hackathon to create the Hamba Safe app, a mobile phone application aimed at enabling people to walk, run and cycle safely. This after a teenage girl was murdered brutally after going for a jog alone in the Tokai Forest area.

According to the app initiators, this app will make people feel safe by putting them in groups for a particular activity.

“Whether it’s recreational walking, running, cycling or simply trying to get from point A to B regardless of your location, an app is required that will enable safety in numbers by helping people easily connect and plan for any ‘on the fly’ or pre-arranged activity,” the Hamba Safe App social media page reads.

The app organisers are appealing to Android, IOS, SQL and .Net Developers to be part of this hackathon by using their advanced skills to make society a better place.

“We hoping this will go beyond just being an exercise thing and I think it will be a great thing if we could get technology to enable that,” adds Sham Moodliar, one of the organisers of the hackathon.

To find out more about the app and to keep up to date about the upcoming hackathon, visit the Hamba Safe App page on Facebook.