Cape Town’s New Car-Pooling App May Solve Traffic Congestion


u goA survey conducted by a popular GPS service provider, TomTom, recently revealed that Cape Town ranks as South Africa’s most congested city.  Without disputing the fact that there is still a long way to go before we can find sustainable solutions to this nightmare, we can certainly give credit to the innovative start-ups and companies that are taking the necessary steps to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Here’s an initiative that’s aiming to improve traffic in the city by matching drivers with passengers travelling to the same location- Cape Town’s newly launched car-pooling app called uGoMyWay.

goThe locally developed app focuses on schools, universities and government.  It is available on Google Play Store, available throughout South Africa and allows people to find rides with people travelling to the same destination by chatting to them on their app.

“It involves making a connection between a driver and passenger who go the same way to share the journey and the costs.  In our case the commute to work or school are the best examples,” said Patho Tebese, Fin24 reported.

The driver of the vehicle may request a contribution from passengers in order to share a trip with them. A passenger may wish to counter this request until an arrangement is reached.

This is a proudly South African app that will save you both time and money and in the process, giving you a chance to make new friends.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! However we do have concerns and one of them being the safety of both the passengers and the drivers and how that will be combatted. We look forward to seeing how this app is received in the Mother City.

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