Connectmed: South Africa’s video-based tele-medicine platform


connAlthough telemedicine in the Africa is still something that the continent is growing into, we can safely conclude that South Africa is a country where the practice is gaining wide acceptance.  The country’s new video-based telemedicine platform, Connectmed, is proof that the continent understands the important role that telemedicine can play in the development of healthcare.

Connectmed is a video-based telemedicine platform that enables patients and doctors to connect over video.  The platform has secured leading doctors that can provide medical advice, diagnose, treat and prescribe.  All you do is request to see a doctor for a 20 minute consultation, be it immediately or at pre-specified times, and you get medical care at the comfort of your own home using your tablet, computer or even your smartphone.

The platform is adjusted to work well in low bandwidth areas.  After each consultation, a prescription will be sent to your inbox and if need be, the doctors can also refer you to a specialist.  Every patient can easily access their doctor’s treatment notes and download prescriptions too.  You can get all this for the reasonable price of R399, no hidden costs.

Connectmed doctors can treat a number of common illnesses including colds and flu, cough, sinus infections, depression and anxiety, diarrhoea, eye infections and skin conditions among others.

This is an affordable service that will save you time and money, especially those without medical aids.  To get access and to register on the platform, visit