Samsung Launching People: Beating Youth Unemployment


SamsYouth unemployment remains one of the most pressing social challenges in South Africa, with one in 4 young people unemployed.  To find a solution and to combat youth unemployment, Samsung Electronics recently launched its Mixed Talents campaign.  This forms part of Samsung’s global “Launching People” initiative.

Entrepreneurship has been proven to be the best solution for creating employment opportunities and upskilling the youth.  This is why the Mixed Talents initiative aims to help young South Africans to turn their business ideas into a reality and capitalise on opportunities.  The concept helps break down barriers by enabling the agency’s most creative minds to collaborate across regions.

According to Samsung, the motive behind the workshops is to help millennials identify and realise their entrepreneurial potential. The company is looking to take their innovation beyond technological advancements and start enriching people’s lives through the campaign. It’s about shifting the focus from selling products to finding original and creative solutions.

“This campaign is exciting because we are giving our experts the tools and support, even though we are not yet certain how it will unfold. This isn’t about us – it is about empowering our youth, and Samsung is just providing the platform for thinking about things in a unique way. Our hope for the campaign is a new way of solving an existing problem. We have an exciting journey ahead of us – one that could make a real and lasting difference in many people’s lives and positively affect the future of our country,” explains Michelle Potgieter, director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung SA.

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