Morocco’s Solar E-Cycles


ecycle2Morocco’s on a mission to promote a green environment, having recently introduced the country’s new solar-powered bicycles that are expected to reduce global warming risks both in rural and urban areas and create employment opportunities for people living in villages.

These low maintenance bicycles, called Solar E-Cycles, can travel 50km every day using only sunlight. With its power source, it can power an ultraviolet antibacterial light and a water pump.

The Solar E-Cycle also acts as a mobile power station and the short term answer for off-grid communities in Africa. It can power household appliances such as TVs, radio, computer, internet, sewing machine, communications, small power tools, recharge cell phones.

ceab1dd617e2e0f1c563f1ee5f6451f9_originalThe aim here is to promote the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation in the country.  The Canadian founders are also attempting to create job opportunities for young people by training them to be able to repair and maintained these recycled bicycles.

This design will make a vital contribution to the promotion of clean technology and at the same time, it can also be seen as a tool empowering people living in remote areas in Morocco.  It is an affordable solar vehicle that will help improve lives in the country.

The project is currently running on Kickstarter and by the looks of things, it’s attracting many backers- meaning we’ll soon see the design in the market.