Sendr, South Africa’s new Parcel Delivery Service making waves


sendrUber seems to have inspired positive change across Africa, first it was the uber-styled Motorcycles, now there’s an “Uber” of parcels in South Africa called Sendr and since the aim is to create jobs, improve the lives of the masses and service delivery in the country, we’re not complaining!

Established in 2015, Sendr is the country’s first on-demand parcel delivery start-up using motorcycles.  This is an enterprise combating youth employment in the country by offering young people with motorcycle licences an opportunity to work in courier services, at the same time cutting the costs of delivery.

The service is fast and efficient, no long queues or processes involved.  All you do is download the app on your Android or iOS phone and just one click facilitates delivery within an hour.  The service is currently operational in four cities namely Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

“Service delivery is one area that is waiting for young South Africans to enter, for example if one has to queue to pay for an electricity bill at a municipal office that calls for disruptive innovators,” says George Sibotshiwe, Sendr’s Chief Technology and Innovations Officer.

“The pace at which unemployment is growing means that the only way to arrest this development is to increase innovative entrepreneurship and guarantee refocused entrepreneurship,” he added.

The drivers are well trained in customer service and the use of technology before they are employed.

These are exactly the kind of innovations we need to create jobs thus fighting against unemployment in the country.  Sendr is still in its beginning stages but there is no doubt that the company will take SA by storm, considering the shortcomings of the courier services.