Young South African Entrepreneur Creates his own Smartphone Range


thulani2It’s probably all been done before, someone has already invented a product you thought of coming up with.  Most times, entrepreneurship is not about creating something new but about finding something that’s already there and coming up with ways to do it even better.

Thulani Khoza’s story is no different, a young entrepreneur from South African’s Mpumalanga province who wanted to prove that South Africans are well capable of creating their own brands.  The resilient young business owner is set to launch his own range of smartphones and tablets by August.

Without funding, he successfully designed perfectly functioning smartphones and tablets; the phones come with internet connection, mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many others.

“The technology on the smartphones and tablets, I believe, is truly about to change the face of technical advancements. The software part of it is indeed uniquely packaged, unseen in our industry,” Khoza explained, speaking to Mpumalanga News.

It is often said that your background does not determine your future and Khoza has certainly proved that statement true.  The obstacles and difficulties he faced when he was younger only inspired him to become a trend-setter, an influencer and a highly regarded entrepreneur.

“The first chapter of my life emerged as a young boy abandoned by his parents. Growing up was hard. It felt as though I was born and made for poverty, expected to live and fend on an empty stomach to and from school. I was sexually abused by relatives and involved in two accidents that sidetracked my life for 6 months in hospital. I had no place to call home. No sense of security that every child needs,” he recalled.

Khoza still dreams of opening a factory in Mpumalanga as a way to give back to his community in Bushbucksridge.