Oflocal: Showcasing the Best of SA in One Platform


oflocalOne of the biggest frustrations about relocating or visiting a new place is not knowing where to find the hottest spots and let’s face it, sometimes Google doesn’t quite get it right.  Now thanks to the new South African web-based app, we don’t have to look too far to see the best a city has to offer.

The website offers users meaningful insight on location and venue specific information, while also giving local businesses an opportunity to be listed on the platform.  Oflocal consists of lists created by customers and business owners, which people can vote for, publish and share.

“We saw many top 10 lists on websites all over the web that we did not agree with, but did not have any means to manipulate it. OfLocal was created to provide reliable and trusted recommendations based on the feedback of the locals,” said Joubert Botha, co-founder of OfLocal.

The lists includes the best restaurants, schools, wedding venues, hairdressers, etc in every city.

“Users can engage without reading or writing lengthy reviews. You log in using your Facebook account, or simply vote anonymously – you decide. It is a simple process. The results displayed in real-time are based on voting,” added Botha.

Oflocal is a must-see website for all those who love travelling as well as for locals.