Young African Authors to Watch: Simamkele Dial on #MyPainPerfected


It is often said that without a battle, there is no victory and without a test, there is no testimony.  A painful past leaves you with two important choices; deciding what to do inIMG-20160502-WA0007 your pain and what to do with your pain.  For Simamkele Dial, a 25 year old South African author and speaker, pain became the starting point for finding her purpose in life.

This talented young author is determined to use her story to inspire change in other people’s lives through her autobiography titled My Pain Perfected. Released in March 2016, the inspirational memoir speaks about life as an orphan, the pain of going through life as a young girl without a mother, losing her mother to HIV and experiencing sexual abuse. It speaks about how she found hope in the midst of all that hurt, rejection and heartbreak.

You know it’s fuelled by passion when it takes less than a year to finish writing and publishing an entire book.  The Rhodes University alumni, Associate Researcher at the Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute with an Honours degree in Sociology currently doing her Masters in Sociology at the University of Johannesburg has already touched many South African hearts with her compelling life story and has social media buzzing with excitement for her official book launch.

Asked by Nunnovation about her motivation for writing the book, Simamkele says, “The biggest sima picdream that I’ve always had is to inspire people because I’ve gone through significant things that could help change another person’s perspective about looking at yourself as a person but also choosing to have life and choosing to succeed despite where you come from.  That motivated me to write and take a bold step to publish a book that speaks so personally about my life.”

I believe that right now, there’s a revolution of young black people who are deconstructing the mindset of other young people to say that ‘Just because you’re African doesn’t mean you can’t have a product that could make millions.  Just because you’re African doesn’t mean you’re not gifted.’

“Self-motivation was one of my biggest challenges while writing the book because at the time, no-one knew I was writing.   There was a level of fear, constantly asking myself whether it would be receptive to my family but I made the choice not to tell them because I didn’t want to be censored.  I respect my family but my story is my story,” Simamkele explains.

There’s a mandate upon my life to change other people’s lives through my story

When asked about what people look forward to at the official launch, she laughs with enthusiasm, “People can look forward to a conversational session but more than anything, they can look forward to realising their own strengths and abilities.”

The one thing I want people to remember after reading my book is that in the midst of brokenness, beauty can still come out.  There is hope in every broken situation

This is a must read for every young person and every parent, an autobiography that takes us through an emotional journey of life and how to transform pain into something beautiful instead of transferring it to other people. To get a copy of My Pain Perfected, email The book launch is on 7 May in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape.