BetterWage wants to help South Africans boost their monthly income


d91eac958bbd410ab231206af980c3f9I’m certain that I speak on behalf of every South African when I say that any opportunity to make an extra income during these difficult economic times is music to our ears.  Allow me to introduce you to BetterWage, a South African start-up that seeks to help people earn more by pairing them with internet sharing economy services.

BetterWage was founded by Dean Furman together with Rudie Shepherd after a realization that the financial services industry does not effectively look after an individual’s financial needs.  The system helps people find hundreds of income making opportunities, letting you monetize your time, passion and skills.

Users simply fill in a short quiz that asks questions about their skills and based on the answers, the website delivers a list of possible internet services that the user can apply for to make an extra income.

Our higher purpose is to help people earn more money

“We believe that the best solution to helping people pay for the things that matter most to them is by helping them earn more in the first place. Once they have enough income to meet their basic needs, it is then vital to purchase suitable savings, insurance and healthcare products,” said Dean Furman, Fin24 reported.

Although the service is been operating in SA for a few months, the team hopes to go international in the next few years.

You are no longer restricted to only earning from a single job. There has never been more ways to make some extra money

The website has so far received good responses from its users.