sBubble: The gadget giving parents a peace of mind


GirlZoomA child going missing in Africa is a phenomenon that caused global concern.  In South Africa particularly, a child goes missing every five hours according to statistics by the South African Police Service Missing Persons Bureau.

Knowing that we live in a country where children get so easily abducted is not an easy fact to fathom, especially when going to public places but thanks to this innovative gadget parents may finally be getting peace of mind.

sBubble is an innovative app that links a small device on a child’s clothes to their parent’s smartphone.  The app alerts the parents as soon as the child steps beyond the secure zone, this is achieved by creating a Bluetooth tag that connects to a smartphone.

The application will notify you as soon as your children go imagesbeyond a certain area, whether you’re at a mall, at the beach or the park.  This device is only in its prototype stages, and not yet available for purchase but the team from Cape Town, South Africa will soon share the release date.