WeCashUp, Africa’s New Cross-Border Mobile Money Platform


T_0uQbznThere’s a new way of accepting cash and making payments in Africa, a platform that will give Africans online purchasing power. Some call it the “PayPal” of the continent, WeCashUp is an innovative platform that enables online purchases on mobile phones.

Disrupting the commerce industry, Marseille-based company offers the best conversion rates and state of the art technology, providing all the necessary local cash and mobile payment methods in all African countries.

WeCashUp allows users to make secure payments using their mobile phones, including those without bank accounts. The platform allows users to make transaction across 54 African countries.

The company was one of the three winners at the The Innotribe Startup Challenge final event recently held in Mauritius.  “The competition has been an infinitely unique experience. I’ve been challenged so much by the coaches and I learnt so much that I think my team and I received everything to become a world class startup. I recommend Innotribe to all the startups who want to put a dent in the universe like us,” said Cedric Atangana, CEO and Co-Founder of WeCashUp.

WeCashUp has also received several awards in start-up competitions, including $20,000 at the 2014 Google Pitch Night.