Rwanda’s Tap&Go Payment System for Public Transport…


Pay-Go-RwandaAnyone who uses public transport in the continent will tell you how much time is wasted on counting money and trying to calculate the right change for commuters. In Kigali Rwanda however, that’s not the only challenge- bus owners have been losing high percentages of their bus fare revenue due to fraudulent activities.

It is for that reason that the AC Group launched the Tap&Go project with Kigali Bus Services, to make routes totally cashless. The switch to smart card machine is expected to improve the public transport system. Commuters simply load cash into their smartcards before boarding the buses, the money then goes to the companies instead of bus drivers and conductors- which was the case in the past.

The system will not only ease revenue collection for bus operators but also give companies the ability to monitor the location of the bus, its speed and information about passengers on board.
Commuters will be able to top-up their cards from a network of mobile agents along bus lines, USSD mobile top-up channels with Mobile Money, TigoCash and Airtel Money as well as Pivot Access cash-power agents.

“For a country like ours which is landlocked, we know that ICT is going to help us drive our knowledge-based economy,” explains Claver Gatete, Finance Minister.
According to New Times, people visiting Kigali for the first time also have access to a widespread network of points of sale of the Tap&Go cards both mobile and fixed at every park and major stops. These stations not only supply the clients with card but also educate them on how to use it.