Pointepay: Mobile Platform to help SMEs thrive launched in Nigeria


It is without doubt that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in job creation, spurring innovations and contributing to the economy. SMEs are clearly the engines of growth in developing countries, especially in the African continent.

With this notion in mind, Nigerian’s Spacepointe is determined to ensure that SMEs in the country are not overlooked but instead, such enterprises are adequately supported and promoted. The company has recently launched Pointepay, a mobile point of service platform currently being piloted in several states across the country.
According to the company, Pointepay is the perfect solution for SMEs to easily manage and grow your business especially in the informal sector. With PointePay, these enterprises are able to showcase and sell their products online. They are also able to sell their products in-store using multiple types of payments. The platform also works with leading payment providers to provide business owners with multiple options of receiving payments from their customers.

Not only does Pointepay offer you a simpler way of collecting payments but it allows you to manage your inventory, manage your customers, report data, and provide loyalty opportunities.
“We were driven by the desire to live fulfilled lives in knowing that we have made a real difference in the lives of people. As people blessed with good education and exposure to innovation from all over the world, it became evident that we needed to look inward to a place we all call home and ask the very important question: What can we do to help? With the knowledge and experience we have gained, what is our part in elevating the lives of Africans” says Sayu Abend, CEO.

The service is currently being used in over 2000 stores. Using cloud-based technology, the platform allows you to access and run multiple store operations using one device. It works on all PCs, including iPad and Mac.
SpacePointe has partnered with key players in the industry such as banks, payment networks, payment providers and telcos to enable features on PointePay that will drive meaningful adoption for the critical masses.