BOTTLES: South Africa’s First On-demand Alcohol App


bottles-app-android-ios-alcohol-delivery-saOne of the main reasons people drive under alcohol influence is hopping from one place to another, looking for places to buy alcohol. Whether you’re at a party or a dinner at home with your friends, we can admit that it often happens that you run out of drinks which usually results in someone who’s had a few drinks already going out to buy more booze.

Imagine if there was an app for ordering alcohol online during such times? Well, now there is!
Launched in Johannesburg at the end of February, BOTTLES is an on-demand alcohol delivery app that delivers cold drinks to your doorstep in just an hour! The app has been in the market for three months and has successfully proved its business model, the team is seeking investors to help scale the business and make BOTTLES a nationwide service.

The app is available for free of charge on all Android and Apple devices. To place an order, you simply need to download the app, browse the menu to select drinks and choose a delivery address. The company does not add any price mark-ups on drinks and you need to be 18 years or older to place an order (ID verification is required).
Not only does BOTTLES allow you to order alcohol but it also offers a range of complementary products such as cigarettes, mixers, ice and snacks. Delivery fees are charged by BOTTLES Retail Partner Network and vary from retailer to retailer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), South Africa has the highest rate of alcohol-related road deaths, where as much as 58% of deaths can be attributed to alcohol consumption. We hope that this initiative will be helpful in turning the statistics around.