Cameroon’s New Exciting Road Safety App


Cameroon is known for having a high number of road accidents daily, with statistics revealing that driver errors account for over 80 percent of all fatal and injury crashes. It’s a sad reality that has caused great concern nationally, resulting in the Cameroonian government putting initiatives in place to curb the high rate of fatal accidents on the roads.

In an attempt to meet the government halfway and solve this social crisis, Cameroonian startup Traveler will soon be launching its road safety app designed to ensure speed limits are being adhered to by drivers. Currently being tested, this innovative passenger monitoring app tracks the speed and location of passengers with or without connectivity and it guarantees a quick response in case of emergencies.

Dubbed Traveler App, this mobile application automatically alerts drivers when they travel above recommended speed limits, and at the same time alerts authorities. In the event of an emergency, road safety teams, emergency services and families are notified.

According to statistics, most accidents in the country are caused by careless drivers who are either inexperienced, who drive under the influence of illegal substances, those who are just plain reckless and refuse to follow the basic rules of the road.

“A lot of accidents have happened in our country because the driver was on his cellphone or paid attention to changing a DVD player while driving. In a busy world, everyone wants to be multi-tasking at all times but the one place multi-tasking should not be allowed is while driving,” explains one Cameroonian who chose to remain anonymous.

“An even more dire problem is the inability to notify families when these accidents occur. The government of Cameroon is trying very hard to reduce road accidents, but is failing miserably so we have developed our platform, which works with the same capacity as a speedometer, a speed radar and a black box combined, all using a mobile phone,” said Traveler App founder Achiri Arnold Nji, Disrupt Africa reported.

The idea behind this app is to keep a record of the location, speed, driver’s name and number of passengers in a bus and to also be able to give this information to the relevant authorities in times of emergencies and accidents.

The app will only be officially launched in October but the startup is already on a mission to raise funds and it’s already receiving recognition in the country. The team plans on generating revenue by taking a share from the fines obtained from speeding detected through the app.