Nanotechnology Innovation, Industrialisation & Commercialisation in South Africa


“Nanotechnology is amongst the most profound alternative solutions towards game changing in the early 21st Century, as it has potential to make an impact in many fields such as Health, Water & Energy”, said Dr Steven Mufamadi at DST-NRF Nanotechnology Symposium, held from 27-28 June 2016 @ CSIR Convention Centre.

Dr Steven Mufamadi, the presenter on nanotechnology industrialisation, and also Chairman of the NanoEnergy session during the Nanotechnology Symposium, also stated that South African nanotech inventors must focus on inventing nanotech products that will benefit the poor in rural areas, because that’s where our country is facing enormous challenges. In the issue of nanotech-industrialisation readiness in South Africa, Dr Mufamadi stated that this country has enough patents that can be converted into industry/products. In addition, he indicated that the CSIR and Mintek have already set examples for nanotech products and manufacturing facilities that are available for those who would like to start manufacturing their prototypes.

However, Dr Mufamadi also cautioned that there are a few things that South Africans must look at that could delay our nanotechnology industrialisation e.g. lack of sustainable investments, commercialisation strategies, public-private partnership, public engagement, skills shortage, nano-entrepreneurship and so forth.

Dr Mufamadi also alluded to the Industry Bridging Program (IBP), an initiative that is currently in a partnership with Merck (Pty) Ltd. He indicated that the IBP’s initiative objective is to give people in academia (particularly MSc, PhD & PostDoc) & entrepreneurs industry exposure and/or create public-private partnership & collaboration platforms.

The Merck Bridging Day, 29 July 2016, will be held at Merck Head Office in Longmeadow. This opportunity will give them chance to get some product, sales and marketing perspective from Merck and relevant discussion session.

For more information or RSVP, contact Dr Steven Mufamadi, chairperson of IBP or Ms Thabisile Sibanyoni, NABIO Consulting-Communication Manager,; office number 012 756 3905 OR mobile 081 3947543.