No Airtime? No problem! Namibian Student Invents Phone That Works Without a Sim-Card


Namibian inventors have for the longest time fighting for the country’s innovations to be recognized and for their voices to be heard as innovators, their message has been clear, “If Namibia seeks to be one of Africa’s leader in innovation, it cannot be done through undermining the country’s innovative scientists and inventors” and well, we can conclude that they’re certainly on the right track.

Namibian high scholar, Simon Petrus, is one example of an innovator who’s putting the country on the map through his invention- a phone that allows you to make calls anywhere in the world without using airtime. The talented youngster manufactured the phone using only resources given to him by his parents, who are both unemployed.
To make the device, Petrus uses spares from an old phone and television set, these included a light bulb, fan and charger socket. The one-of-a-kind mobile phone can be used without a sim-card, it receives its power from a radiator and uses radio frequency to make calls. As if that’s not enough, users can also watch one TV channel on the phone.
An innovator of note, Petrus has in the past won a gold medal at national level last year for his invention of a two-in-one machine that works as both a seed drier and cooler, according to reports.
New Era also reports that the self-taught inventor says that he invented the phone in the hopes that it would be successful and be able to be carried further.

Another Namibian inventor of note who took the world by storm is Joshua Nghaamwa, the young innovator who created a satellite using scraps from cell-phones, radio sets and other electronics. According to reports, the satellite- believed to strengthen internet connectivity- is small enough to fit in a laptop bag and has a USB port that allows it to be connected to a modem, router or cellphone, increasing internet speed and allows for a better online experience.

In the words of Julia Gillard, “Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity and these in turn rely on the education of our people.” Congratulations to these two youngsters who are proving that Africa is a continent full of innovators and entrepreneurs with great potential. We salute you!