Discover Funding Opportunities for your Startup, Using Allied Crowds


raise-funds-for-start-upOne of the biggest challenges when starting a company is securing funding from investors, this is especially the case in Africa but Allied Crowds, a platform for finding potential investors, might just be the answer to that problem. The company aims to bring exposure to alternative finance in the developing world.

Founded in 2012 by Lars Kroijer, AlliedCrowds has worked with a number of organisations which include the United Nations and the World Bank. They are the first complete aggregator and directory of alternative finance providers in the developing world. The goal is to help donors, investors, and entrepreneurs navigate the alternative finance space through the company’s reports, data, and Capital Finder, thus increasing the flow of capital to deserving projects globally.

Statistics reveal that startups and small businesses are especially vulnerable to fluctuations in cash flow. Even businesses based on the best of models, with good growth potential and valuable assets, can fail fast due to sudden cash shortages. According to reports, South African small business owners who need quick business loans to make it through rocky patches are increasingly being disappointed, with banks applying time-consuming loan approval processes and making it harder generally to secure business loans.

“With our proprietary data and analytics, we have positioned ourselves as the leader in information on alternative finance in the developing world, and we aim to provide insight into the economic potential of the different models of providing capital,” a statement reads on the Allied Crowds website.

There are over 200 funds, prizes, VC organisations, angels and more in South Africa alone according to the list on the platform. To search for available finance opportunities in your country, simply visit

The company also works with some of the top development institutions in the world to consult on alternative finance solutions. Their solutions include building customized crowdfunding platforms, which are flexible, affordable, and provide great marketing potential.

Whether you’ve got a great business idea or you already have a startup running but you’re struggling to get funding, be sure to check out the platform- there might just be an investor waiting for you to reach out!