Promolante, the Ghanaian Startup Helping You Get The Most out of your Network Provider


Any entrepreneurial endeavour that benefits the masses in helping them save money is worth celebrating and this one certainly caught our attention. Ghanaian telco promotions and services discovery app, Promolante, focuses on helping people save airtime and data on their mobile phones by giving them the power to easily discover the best mobile offers- sounds like a sweet deal, right?

The startup assists users in Ghana in saving money on their calls and data by directing them to choose offers that are best suitable for them, based on their cell-phone usage. The web and mobile app gives subscribers the power to easily discover the telco offers that suit your call and data needs.

People often don’t have time to keep up with the various promotions offered by their service providers and that’s where Promolante comes in. The company collects all the promotions and network packages from telcos operating in the country on its web and mobile application.

“Due to competition in the telco industry in Ghana, telcos are offering very cool promos and services in order to maintain or grow market share,” he said. “We realised that these promos were becoming too many for subscribers to keep track of, even for promos on the subscriber’s main network. For people with more than one SIM, it’s more challenging. At the same time, many subscribers, especially students, rely on these offers in order to make long calls or browse for longer hours. So we decided to make it easy to discover these offers across any telco,” explains Abdul-Rahim Sulemana, CEO of Promolante, Disrupt Africa reported.

Sulemana designed and launched the web-platform on a personal budget in 2014 and it garnered over 10, 000 unique visitors in its first 6 months, later launching a mobile app. The startup also came in third at the recently held Samsung Developer Challenge in Accra and thanks to the partnership with Samsung, the venture now boasts with over 80 000 active users. The team is also part of FBStart, Facebook’s flagship program to enable mobile startups to succeed.

“On the mobile app, you get recommendations that are smartly suggested to you based on your call durations and internet usage. No intrusion, just pure genius recommendations.”
Ghanaian can simple download the app on Google PlayStore to see the latest offers from the service provider of their choice.

Promolante doesn’t seem to have any competitors in the promos comparison space currently. Sulemana believes the only offering close to a competition are apps the telcos provide themselves.