LandMapp, the Startup Delivering Affordable Land Rights Documentation to Rural Ghana



Land acquisition in Ghana has often been characterized by challenges, especially in the rural communities. Small farmers in villages often fall victims to fraudulent practises by scammers who claim to be experts in land acquisition. Families in these destitute areas don’t have much rights to their land and being restricted to the informal sector, they often cannot access technical and financial services to improve their livelihoods. This is where Landmapp comes in.

Landmapp is a mobile platform that provides smallholder farmer families with documentation of their land. According to the startup, securing land for smallholder farmers is very complex and an enormous challenge. Landmapp aims to make this simple, providing an end to end service to rural farmers.

Not only does the company deliver land rights documentation to rural communities, but they also go as far as educating farmers on the importance of land tenure, verifying their identify, validating the land claim with neighbours, submitting the claim to the authorities for legalisation and finally placing the document in their hands.

Launched in 2015, Landmapp offers three separate products which are all aimed at helping rural villages: FarmSeal for farm parcels, HomeSeal for residential parcels and CropSeal for sharecropping and tenancy arrangements.

“We work extensively with key stakeholders across Ghana including Ghana Lands Commission, Stool Lands, Paramount and Divisional Chiefs to ensure full legal compliance with required land legislation and local authorities and best practices. We’re also registered with the Ghana Data Commission to ensure our data collection practices conform to required status,” explains the Landmapp team.

They further elaborate, “Landmapp provides a legal verified data product where we meticulously check each land parcel claim and data record to ensure the highest quality data before submitting it for legalisation. We believe farmers should control their data and our privacy policy ensures this.”

Up till now, there has been no “safe way” of acquiring land in Ghana, Landmapp wants to help in this regard.

The company has already more than 1000 of these documents to smallholder farmers, charging 60% cheaper than existing solutions. The team also collects useful biographical, agricultural and geographical data to create an authentic farmer profile, which can also be used for the purpose of credit scoring, farming inputs procurement and ICS processes.

The team from Landmapp also plans on expanding its services to other parts of the continent.