Lentus H, The Device Improving the Water Collection Process in Africa


In many cultures on the African continent, women and young girls are the main providers of household water supply and sanitation. On average, women in these regions walk no less than six kilometres to collect clean water, carrying a weight of water that amounts up to 20 kilogrammes on their heads.

Sadly, the lack of access to safe water and sanitation facilities affects women and school girls more than anyone else.

Founders of this exciting new device however, Lentus-H, believe it can improve the food & water collection process in 3 different continents which makes out over 60% of the world.

Lentus-H is a multipurpose mobile transportation device that will improve the way people walk long distances transporting goods from one place to another. Made with 30% of recycled plastic with the possibility of making it 50% recycled, the device is hygienically friendly. It can carry multiple products, but the main focus is water.

“We wanted to create something that could carry large amounts of water so people will not have to make 2 or three trips with heavy jerry cans on their heads. We wanted it to be small and user friendly,” says the team.

“We designed Lentus-H to improve the water collection process by minimizing the heavy burden part of the process, and increase the quantity of water transported. Instead of people taking 2 trips a day, they would only need to take 1 trip.”

The team now wants to take the prototype into mass production, a process which requires financial backing. On 10 June, the founders launched a Kickstarter project to raise the required R550 000 needed to produce and distribute the Lentus-H throughout Africa.

“We want this product to be in as many homes as possible and that means it needs to be something that people can afford and not something that has to be given to them by corporates or NGOs. Our aim is to keep it under R500 and with just a bit of funding, we can probably drop it to R250 per Lentus-H.”

On Kickstarter, the team currently has 32 backers and has raised €1,709 so far. They plan to donate these to families that needs them in Mozambique, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania or Zambia.

“With Lentus-H we aim to improve the way people all over the world collect water, starting with Africa.”

This is the perfect example of an innovation made specifically for improving lives! To become involved with the project and help the team to bring these devices to rural areas, check out their project on kickstaster.com.