Legal Legends, Providing Affordable Legal Services for All Startups



It is often said that most entrepreneurs are usually short-sighted when it comes to understanding the lucrative role played by legal services in order to ensure a startup’s success. One of the major reasons why entrepreneurs overlook this is because of the high costs associated with having legal representation, South Africa’s Legal Legends wants to change this.

The startup looks to provide solutions for SMEs who are unable to afford legal services for their businesses. Arguably the world’s first legal eCommerce website, Legal Legends offers affordable legal service for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses at affordable prices.

“Being trained legal professionals ourselves in Jozi, the Big Law mecca of Africa, we became familiar with the way things have always been done in the corporate legal world. Think bogus expenses that include partner bonuses and equity splits, intellectual property “Kickers”, customised stationery, prime (rented) real estate in high rise Sandton buildings and gourmet coffee and biscuits that are in never-ending supply,” said the founders, sharing their story.

According to the company website, Legal Legends gives you access to a wide range of legal services, at fixed prices whilst making sure the quality of the services delivered are of the highest standard and provided at a price that is understandable and carefully aligned to the value that the company adds to your business.

“We’re here to help the guys that traditionally haven’t been able to afford legal services but have a small amount to spend and we really want to help those startups formalize their businesses and become something really investable, something that an investor would have a look at and go ‘actually I like how this business has been established, they seem to be formalized correctly and I would like to invest in them’, which would take them to the next level,” Kyle Torrington, co-founder of Legal Legends, further explains.

“By employing hordes of under-paid garden gnomes, harnessing our passion for tech entrepreneurship and changing the way we engage with you in order to better understand your needs, we have been able to bring you Legal Legends, the Africa’s first e-Commerce website for legal services.”
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