Between the Pages: Why am I here by Richie Achukwu


If you’re looking for a book that will remind you about your purpose in life, a book that will lay down the meaning of “purpose” and how to live a purposeful live then look no further, this book will leave you mesmerized. It’s called “Why am I here” by motivational speaker Dr Richie Achukwu.

The title itself got me curious, so often we find ourselves so caught up with our day-to-day routines that we forget our purpose in life. How many of us give up on the way of fulfilling that purpose simply because we’ve lost the passion, because we don’t know why we’re fighting towards a certain goal or merely because other people have told us “It can’t be done”. How many of us have given up because of rejection and speed bumps along the way? Whether it’s past or present circumstances, either way- our experiences have shaped our outlook in life one way or the other. This book aims to give you direction during those challenging times.

They call him ’The African Ambassador Of Possibility’ and we don’t have to guess why- Dr Richie Achukwu is a sought-after empowerment speaker, life coach, motivational speaker and preacher who specialises in personal transformation and branding.

“This practical book is loaded with encouragement and wisdom. If you are at a crossroads, have made some bad choices, experienced pain, face a crisis or question your future, kindly do yourself a favour – read the book at least fourteen times, digest its contents and you will be launched into your God-ordained destiny,” says Dr Richie.

Dr Achukwu is also a member of the society of Neuro-linguistic programming, Comensa – coaches and mentors association of South Africa, a certified business practitioner of motivational maps South Africa. He has hosted a number of workshops and motivational talks for thousands of individuals and leaders internationally.

His philosophy is “what you focus on will expand,” a message that he’s determined to preach to the continent, hoping to unleash the potential in people’s lives, despite their background or present circumstances.

“You don’t need anybody’s permission to succeed. In fact, you will have to take your success: you will need to be a pioneer and without anyone’s permission, go where others don’t want to go and show them the way. Don’t wait for anybody to give you the permission to think, believe, see or do things like an expert or a guru,” writes Dr Richie.

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