BuffrSpace, Nigeria’s On-Demand Co-Working Spaces


Here’s a startup that understands that renting office space for a new company can be financially challenging and to cut the costs, they’re providing workers with on-demand workspaces in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Nigeria’s BuffrSpace, is a new online platform that wants to connect people and businesses looking to monetize their underutilized work-spaces by connecting people with such companies.
It’s a win-win situation, benefiting both startup owners and established businesses who could use a little extra income.

“Since requests are on-demand, you can rent a space for as low as one hour and as long as a month or year. For business owners and managers, BuffrSpace allows you to monetize underutilized resources and facilities- your surplus spaces like desks, cubicles, offices, or floors; bringing in some extra funds while simultaneously increasing your bottom line without any extra expenditure on your part, whatsoever,” add the co-founders, Techmoran reports.

BuffrSpace is targeting freelancers, startup founders, work from home executives, mobile professionals, and consultants to provide a diverse range of work-spaces at affordable prices.
“Buffrspace is making remote work easy in Africa, by building Africa’s largest platform of on-demand workspaces for remote workers, business travelers, distributed teams, startups, freelancers and anyone else in between. If you need a workspace, we got you covered. Pay for what you use, and work where you need to.”

Buffrspace automates the listing and booking process in a seamless manner, ensuring a smooth experience as you engage with the Buffrspace community.

“This army of remote workers, now free to work from anywhere outside the office, face a challenge though. Now that they can work from virtually anywhere. Co-working spaces are not ubiquitous which introduces commuting, sometimes daily, into the remote worker’s routine. Working from home is not conducive for certain kinds of work and meetings.”

The platform allows you to search, book and pay for the office space you prefer, as listed on the platform. Businesses and home owners can also list their spaces on the site, Buffrspace will then verify all personal profiles and booking listings.