App to Report Child Abuse Launched in India



A state in western India has launched a mobile app for people to report child abuse, in an effort to protect children, this after a series of abuses came to light.

The Maharashtra State Child Rights Protection Commission on Wednesday launched the Child Helpline for Information on Rights and Address Grievances (Chirag), a mobile application for Android phones that also provides information on children’s rights, including legislation.
Registering a complaint on the app will send an email to the commission, which will direct it to police or a child-rights charity. A campaign was launched to create awareness in schools, public institutions and other work places.

Helpline law reports that 53% of children in India face some form of child sexual abuse. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the cases of rape and murder of children increase every year. The growing complexities of life and the changed social economic conditions have exposed the children to new and different forms of abuse.

“The sad state of the affairs is that such heinous acts are reported less. It has such a psychological impact on the mind of the child that he seldom gathers the courage to speak about the act being committed against him. If even if he confides the fact with someone, the social factors let the fact being dumped under the fear of family reputation and other related issues. In fact child abuse is a violation of the basic human rights of a child,” the org previously stated.

The mobile app is expected to help increase awareness and take the message of children’s rights further.