Nigerian Startup Develops e-Health tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Patients



Nigerian Startup, Aajoh, is determined to move the continent from reactive healthcare to truly predictive healthcare by introducing an e-health tool that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose patients. Starting with Nigeria, the company is providing simple, instant primary healthcare to Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aajoh, Simi Adejumo, happens to also be one of the nine African entrepreneurs that were selected to attend the MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Cambridge, Massachusetts in August of last year.

The e-health tool has since been in development, but it is now currently in private beta testing in Lagos with plans to expand to the rest of the continent.

Using the app, patients can input their symptoms using text, audio and photographs to obtain qualified medical diagnosis instantly- accessible everywhere you go!

Aajoh has also placed a priority on female health, women can use the platform to get confidential medical advice on female health concerns- covering menopausal illnesses, rape, infertility, eating disorders and much more.

The startup has so far secured partnerships with two hospitals in Nigeria, with over 32 000 data entries combined. The beta test is being conducted with 34 select users, while there are over 500 people on a waiting list.

A research study done by Abdulalkareem Simiat Bidemi from the Ahmadu Bello University indicates that health care in Nigeria is prone to many problems which are attributed to the fact that health services are in great demand but accessibility to health services is very low. Result shows that factors such as socio-economic, cultural, political as well as poor planning and/or poor implementation of health policies and programmes by the government are some of contributing factors.

The team from Aajoh aims to solve this by making quality healthcare accessible to the majority of people, not only in Nigeria, but across Africa, using technology.