Tank Mkononi, Water Monitoring Tech Introduced in Kenya



Kenyan startup Tech Water Solutions has introduced an innovative water monitoring system. Named Tank Mkononi (literally meaning ‘tank in your hand’), the system allows for real time monitoring of water levels in tanks and reservoirs in both rural and urban areas.
Using mobile phones, the system sends notifications to household owners should the water level go below the required threshold.

“The system cuts across all water related sectors from rural to urban water, commercial and residential water and in agricultural Irrigation. With most of Sub-Sahara declared to be water-scarce, we believe that efficient and effective monitoring of water storage systems will ensure consistent availability of water for use,” explains the team.

“The users can then refill the tanks by activating pumps or solenoid valves using the Mobile Application. Our system gives urban and rural users the ability to remotely monitor water tanks/reservoirs and ensure they have adequate and consistent water supply.”

The startup has already sold three of its units, priced at US$335 each, making a profit of around US$185 on each one. It has been self-funded thus far but is now looking for funds to build inventory and for marketing.

Tank Mkononi is also one of the startups recognized and selected by the Royal Academy of Engineering for the 2016/2017 Africa Prize for Innovation.

The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, encourages talented sub-Saharan African engineers, from all disciplines, to develop local solutions to challenges in their communities. The Prize selects a shortlist of innovators from across the continent and provides training and mentoring to help turn engineers with incredible ideas into successful entrepreneurs.