Uthini: Cape Town’s New Language Learning Platform



Language barriers are the most common communication barriers which cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people. We live in a diverse country with 11 official languages, it’s important that we learn to communicate in more than one language.

Cape Town’s new language learning platform, Uthini, seeks to help in this regard by bringing meaningful access to the value of language to everyone.

“Uthini was founded with a simple yet ambitious mission: empowering people to transform language from a barrier into a tool. Language is immensely powerful and can function as an obstacle or a springboard, depending on one’s command of it. The importance and impact of English as a local lingua franca with substantial global reach is widely- acknowledged,” said Miguel A. Da Costa, Uthini co-founder.

People can use the online platform to schedule a conversation with the team. Using the site, you can learn a new language through texts, short voice notes, images, videos and Gifs.
“We believe in using multimedia to positively build up your confidence and skills. We promise you won’t be bored or unhappy.”

The startup was part of the group that pitched at the MTN Mobile Tech Bootcamp, powered by Nest, where entrepreneurs were guided through their business growth and development with the help of business mentoring from MTN, industry thought leaders and Nest senior executives.

“The poverty of mono-lingualism is less widely-acknowledged, but often deprives individuals of significant social, cognitive, and even economic opportunities and benefits. We are leveraging technology to build products which help empower others to more effectively leverage language to positively impact both educational achievement and social cohesion,” adds Da Costa.