Sibanye Construction Input Incubation Programme applications opened on the 14th November 2016. Nunnovation Africa Foundation, in partnership with Sibanye Gold Mine have established the Sibanye Construction Input Incubation Programme focused on developing small businesses from the Merafong and Rand West community.

With the passion for providing industry specific skills, Nunnovation Africa Foundation, together with Sibanye Gold Mine seek to identify small businesses that will be provided with support and any other feasible interventions necessary to advance them to be involved in the upstream activities of the construction value chain. The programme will focus on the training of manufacturing household items such as carpentry, steel products, rainwater products, paint products, and cement products.

Applications for the Sibanye Construction Input Incubation Programme are open till 2 December 2016. If you’re an entrepreneur in the construction industry residing in one of the municipalities mentioned, visit and submit your application. You can also visit the Merafong, Rand West, Westonaria and West Rand District Municipality to collect and submit application forms.

Securing jobs in the construction field is often a difficult task for small businesses due to the lack of qualified and skilled workers who can gain market access and secure contracts. This was theproblem Nunnovation identified when this programme was established with the aim to assist black entrepreneurs with the challenges they face when entering the manufacturing and construction markets.

In order to qualify for entry into the programme, applicants must ensure that they meet the requirements stated on the website to increase their chances of being part of this resourceful programme.

For more information, contact:072 888 4361.