The Innovation and Investment Summit 2016, a huge success!



South Africa’s leading science park, The Innovation Hub, recently hosted the Innovation and Investment Summit 2016- a premier event that puts a spotlight on innovation in the country, bringing together some of SA’s best visionaries in technology and innovation to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, including Telkom and MTN.

The event was held in line with the Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative that inspires millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors.

‘Mobility’ was the buzzword during the summit, with speakers placing emphasis on the need to go mobile. Not only was it the perfect opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs to network, but it was an eye-opening event where they were given solid advice on how to take their businesses forward by industry experts.

“There’s a great demand for innovators & change-makers to digitalise service delivery. The time is now. Innovation doesn’t need to be complex. It’s usually the simplest things which need innovative minds to digitalise,” said David Mphelo, General Manager at MTN, delivering the keynote address.

Andile Thloale also took the podium to talk about channel development, focusing on how to structure your business in a way that attracts the best business partners. “Align your strategy so that both u & your business partner have the same vision. I’ve realised how quickly u can launch a new product, when u use a channel strategy instead of doing it on your own,” he added.

Head of Enterprise & Supplier Development at Telkom, Litha Kutta was also one of the main speakers during the entrepreneurship event. His talk was centred on how small business owners can effectively use their networking opportunities, and how to get their foot in the door when seeking funding with big companies.

“People generally prefer dealing with people they know. Use your networking opportunities to build relationships. Ask questions & earn the right to pitch without being arrogant about it,” said Kutta.