Kenya’s Kio Kat Wins Top Innovation Award



Kenya’s Kio Kat, a wireless lockable charging device, was recently named Top Innovation in the Global SME Category of Awards. The Kio Kit can hold and charge 40 tablets, each of which can run for 8 hours on a single charge. It is specifically designed for rural areas without reliable power supply and with limitation in access to digital technology learning platforms.

The prestigious event is organised by International Telecommunication Union ITU in Thailand. “In keeping with ITU Telecom World’s focus on SMEs and their role within the broader ICT ecosystem, these Awards recognized excellence and innovation in ICT solutions with social impact from SMEs and corporations alike,” said ITU.

The product was designed by a team of software developers, engineers and technologist who are passionate about taking the continent forward.
“We wanted a connectivity device that fit our needs, where electricity and internet connections are problematic both in urban and rural areas. As we laid out what such a device would look like – physically robust, able to connect to multiple networks, a hub for all local devices, enough backup power to survive a blackout – we realized that the way the entire world is connecting to the web is changing. We no longer only get online via desktops in our office with an ethernet connection, we have multiple devices, and mobile connectivity is crucial.” said the team.

The award was received by Alex Masika, Head of Business Development of BRCK. BRCK and AfricarTrack International were selected by Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to showcase their innovations in the Kenya Pavilion at the ITU Telecom World. BRCK and AfricaTrack International are local innovation firms based in Kenya.