Nigeria’s First Video Recruitment Portal

Business woman holding a card board with the text message "Hire me"

Nigerian entrepreneurs and innovators are always looking for ways to disrupt industries, using technology to make life convenient for everyone in the country.

Nigerian startup, City Hires, is one example. The platform provides a highly categorized talent pool with video resumes to giving employers the ability to spool for desired candidates and watch the prospective hire speak about their skills and experience.

It gives job seekers an opportunity to audition for their dream jobs, no matter the industry. All you need to do to join the new system is to register for free on the City Hires website, Employers can also register on the platform to gain access to the talent pool.

The founder, Funke Talabi, said the concept for CityHires was born after various interactions with the human resource department of firms she worked with. “I believed recruitment procedures took longer with the regular paper resumes. So I started working on a suitable highly categorized resume portal with video hosting since June 2015,” she tweeted.

“I would recommend City Hires to anyone job hunting, as I believe this is the next big thing in recruitment in Nigeria as it gives you a platform to audition before the employer and a whole new way of putting yourself out there for recruiting firms,” said one user.

City Hires aims to make recruitment seamless by providing a platform which makes it possible to have a voice behind every resume accessed and an opportunity for the prospective hire or job hunter to audition to the employer.

The startup hopes to expand its services to more African countries soon.