MYHRS, an Online AND Offline Recruitment Solution



The proliferation of mobile phones has undoubtedly transformed communications in Africa, from landlines to jumping to the digital age, we’ve certainly come far. Although technologists have come up with tons of applications that enable us to communicate quicker and more efficiently, sending text messages is still one of the most popular activities among mobile owner.

This is why Kenyan startup Myhrs, which will launch on December 5, integrates the web and SMS to swiftly, simply and precisely connect jobseekers and employers. Most job advertisements are online, leaving out an entire market (those still using SMS).

“The reality is there are a lot of jobs out there, and there are millions of fit candidates. But the existing system has a very ineffective employer-candidate connection. Most job advertisements are solely online. Candidates subscribe for an email job alert, but only 26 per cent of them have internet connections and only five per cent of them have 24/7 internet access,” said Founder and CEO of Myhrs, Moses Mirera.

Companies and organisations sign up to the platform and post jobs, with Myhrs shortlisting the most suitable candidates and sending then SMS and email notifications. Potential employees can then apply for the job via email or SMS.

“To create and deliver the best and swift recruiting media, technologies and platforms for connecting jobs and people; we strive every day to help our customers hire and help people find jobs,” explains the team.

The system is still undergoing beta testing and has seen over 10 000 jobseekers and 12 employers. It has already seen 21 jobs posted, with over 19 000 applications made.