Nokia makes a Return!


Its 2017 and discussions about mobile technology are happening everywhere… various mobile companies are at the top of discussion but as soon as someone mentions Nokia people start laughing at the disaster they had… until now.

It’s the crack of dawn in 2017 and Nokia back on the scene with their first smartphone in 3 years. The new Nokia 6 is the flagship of the company’s come-back after what proved to be a catastrophe in the past few years. Nokia agreed to sell their mobile phone division to Microsoft in 2013 with the hope of competing against Apple and Android, but it seems they have reduced their ambitions slightly as the Nokia 6 will run its operating system on Android Nougat 7.0, the latest version of android.

Nokia is not making the new phone themselves, the company has licensed its name to HMD which is a company based in Helsinki and it is run former Nokia executive, under a licensing deal that was agreed to in 2016. HMD has the exclusive rights to the Nokia name for the next 10 years and they plan to release a range of smartphones and feature-phones.

A few things we know about the Nokia 6 is that it will first be released in China before being rolled out to the rest of the world. The phone’s hardware is made from a single block of aluminum, which is reminiscent to how the iPhone 7 was modeled. The Nokia 6 has a 5.5 inch screen embedded into its frame.

This is the first time Nokia uses an Android Operating System as they have previously ran their devices on Symbian, which was their own operating system before handing the keys over to Microsoft in 2011 to run a Windows OS. Exciting times lie ahead, is the Nokia 6 their come-back?

Author: Molebatsi Louw