Technology has expanded vastly and has recently introduced us to what we call “wearable technology”. We’ve enjoyed the benefits of smart watches, smart shirts and smart shoes, but it just wouldn’t be fun without smart tattoos right?
Yes, the Rotex Electronic Tattoo will be the next big thing in wearable technology once released mid 2017!
Just like your wrist-mounted activity tracker, the tattoo tracks one’s brain waves, vital signs, heart rate, hydration, muscle performance and much more. For accurate results, the patch is placed directly where one would like to track readings, for instance, one would place the patch on the head in order to read brain waves. This smart device can also translate commands by tracking muscle movements resulting in controlling a device with no wires involved!
All that is needed to operate the device is a small box-shaped auxiliary device for readings and recording data. The device then sends the data to one’s smart phone or computer for the wearer to analyse. The tattoos are water resistant and can be worn for approximately a weak, surviving exercises and plenty of hot showers.
Soon the Rotex Electronic Tattoo hopes to compete with your typical wrist-mounted activity trackers, but till then, let’s enjoy the new fashionable way of monitoring our vitals! Keep a close watch for this one!
By Palesa Bogoshi